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Commander Keen on modern systems with more features

Enjoy the old but good games with better graphics, sound and controls.

Commander Keen 1-6

We have Commander Keen 1-6 fully working on CG. Try it out today!

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We have the interpreter for different operating systems and devices. Select your system and you are off to play!


Commander Genius Platforms Version 1.x

Windows Windows (7, 8.x and 10) - Version 1.8.3 Release - Installer ZIP Package

Win7 MacOS X (10.4 and later) - Version 1.4.2 - Intel Build

Sources Source code at Github - Github Tags, downloadable Release sources as zip or tar.gz

Linux Linux (Binary only) - Version Release (64-Bit) and 1.6.1 (32-Bit) - 64-bit 32-bit

Linux Ubuntu Linux (or similar like Linux Mint) - Although there are some binary packages on the sourceforge server here it is recommended using the PPA we provide: PPA Link
Installing this is very easy: Open a terminal and type "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gerstrong/cgenius" type in your super user password, accept the key and update your software sources. After that you can select and install Commander Genius. In future you will get the latest updates through the whole update system of Ubuntu.

Linux Fedora or OpenSuse and RPM based distros - Version Release (64-Bit) and 1.6.1 (32-Bit) - 64-bit 32-bit

Android Google Android Devices Commander Genius on Google Play Store or APK


Commander Genius Platforms Version 0.3.x

Win7 Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and others) - Version 0.3.7 - Installer (32 bit) ZIP Package (32 bit)

MacOsX MacOS X (10.3 and later) - v0.3.6.1 - Universal

Linux Linux (Binary only) - Version 0.3.7 - 32-bit 64-bit

Linux Ubuntu Linux (11.04 and higher recommended) and Debian based distros - Version 0.3.7 - 32-bit 64-bit

Linux Fedora (15+) or OpenSuse (11.4+) and RPM based distros - Version 0.3.7 - 32-bit 64-bit

GP2X iPhone - Commander Genius v0.3.2.x - (Still under construction)

Android Google Android Devices Commander Genius 0.3.2.x

GP2X Open Handhelds Commander Genius (GP2X) [] Commander Genius (Wiz) [] Commander Genius (Pandora) [] Commander Genius (Dingoo) []

Get the latest source code via GIT

All current versions are now stable, this doesn't mean perfect, just good enough. The stable version is known to work on most of the systems and has been tested deeper. The Prereleases are known to be stable too, but with minor issues.

You can also browse through the packages here. They may not be the most stable versions, but they are more recent. If you find bugs in them we would be happy if you report them to us so we can improve Commander Genius.

If you want the most recent source code you can also download it per GIT here

Bugs found?

We are happy to see people who test our product. If you want to report bugs, you can do that here. This is mainly used by our developers but can be used by everybody.
Git issues


High Quality Pack (HQP)

The High Quality Pack provides extra resources for Commander Genius like music and extra sound effects and svga graphics. When installed, you can hear music in the first three episodes of the game. High quality SVGA tilesets have been added to Episode 1, 2, 3 and 4 so far. More is about to come!

Get it today! Download

Tools around Commander Genius

Here are some tools and other Code we have been building up to support more games and introduce new features.

Take a look at the directory here

Commander Keen 1

Commander Keen Episode 1: "Marooned on Mars"

If you don't own any Commander Keen game, you will need one to get the interpreter run. If you own one or the trilogy, you can use them. This is the original DOS-Version of Commander Keen Episode 1 (Shareware). The bundle versions have included this episode already, so no download needed for those.