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Commander Keen on modern systems with more features

Enjoy the old but good games with better graphics, sound and controls.

Commander Keen 1-6

We have Commander Keen 1-6 fully working on CG. Try it out today!

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Commander Genius Keen 9 - Battle of Brains

Installing Keen 9 in Commander Genius

This version uses some Python scripts in order to make the enemies work correctly. If you want to write scripted mods and use them in Commander Genius. This is the way to go.

In order to play Keen 9 you must own Keen 5. It is still commercial so I cannot offer it here. You can buy the Keen 1-5 package from Steam or GOG.

Keen 9 data is located on our server: Keen 9 download for CG

If you have a copy of Keen 5 (v1.4), follow these steps:

  1. Download Keen 9 from our page. Do not use any other version!
  2. Extract it in the game directory like this: ~/.CommanderGenius/games/Keen9
  3. From Keen 5 you need the KEEN5E.EXE. Copy it into the extracted Keen9 directory

Now Commander Genius should detect the game, enjoy it!

If you wonder, the ai subdirectory contains some python scripts which change enemy and gameplay behaviour as it is required for that game. You can hack it to your liking.