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Commander Keen on modern systems with more features

Enjoy the old but good games with better graphics, sound and controls.

Commander Keen 1-6

We have Commander Keen 1-6 fully working on CG. Try it out today!

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Welcome to Commander Genius

Commander Genius is a software piece that interprets the Commander Keen Invasion of the Vorticons and Galaxy series. As fans and developers we try to implement new features, improve the gameplay and give players an experience that feels like playing the original game but a bit more refreshing.

NOTE: We are currently looking for fans of Commander Keen, developers, or artists who are interested in helping us. If someone wants to make a better interpreter for the Invasion of the Vorticons Series (Also Galaxy series, Dreams, and mods or maybe any other DOS game) they are more than welcome to help us. Just drop our project leader an email message at:

Commander Genius Keen4 - Galaxy

Goodbye Galaxy and Keen Dreams support

We are working hard on the Commander Genius support for the Goodbye Galaxy series, Keen Dreams, and also mods like Keen 7-9. Commander Keen 4-6 are already supported and fully playable.

Invasion of the Vorticons support

This series is fully supported. All three episodes are playable.

OS Support

Not just Windows, Linux, and MacOS but other platforms are supported as well!

2 Player Keening 2 Player Keening


By the way, it's free!

>> Go to the download page here!!

The right hand image that you see is Commander Keen in a dark room when playing the game normally under DOS (or for example DOS-Box). To the left you see the room using Commander Genius. Quite the difference, huh?! The darkness depends on the difficulty, so watch your step. ;-)

The Commander Genius Team

These are the people who actively support us:

  • Main Developer and project manager: Gerhard Wolfgang Stein (aka Gerstrong)
  • Developer, resource administrator and main tester: Tulip
  • Tester:Mancus Nemo
  • Tester:Hagel
  • Ports to Google Android: Pelya
  • Honoring the original developer of CloneKeen: Caitlin Shaw

Special Thanks to:

  • Markus Arnold
  • Alber Zeyer
  • Pelya
  • Pizza2004
  • Strength
  • Scott Smith (aka Pickle)
  • NY00123
  • Tomer Feiner
  • James K. Beard
  • Clobber
  • Ceilick
  • Casey (aka FCTW)
  • Zear
  • Lemm
  • DaVince
  • Sciz CT
  • Iv4n
  • ThunderPX
  • Mink
  • CKeen
  • TheHackerCat
  • Malvineos
  • Lemm
  • Chrisfischtopher
  • Hans de Goede
  • Levelass
  • ZidaneA
  • DSL (Cool Icon design)
  • Napalm (Information about PC-Speaker sound)
  • Commander Spleen
  • Lucio Agostinho
  • ...and many more we might have forgotten to mention.


You need the original DOS game files in order to play on Commander Genius. Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars and Secret of the Oracle are as shareware already bundled. Commander Keen: The Earth Explodes and Commander Keen: Keen Must Die! are registered versions which can be purchased from 3D Realms, Apogee, or purchased from someone willing to sell you their copy, same goes for Keen 5 and 6. If you happen to have these old games, then give Commander Genius a try! You will be surprised at how good they look and how much fun they are still to play!