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Commander Keen on modern systems with more features

Enjoy the old but good games with better graphics, sound and controls.

Commander Keen 1-6

We have Commander Keen 1-6 fully working on CG. Try it out today!

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Version 2.2.0 Release

Keen 4 Plus now has 4 selectable characters. This shot shows Kylie in action.

Version 2.0.0 Release

Left: Nvidia Shield "Portable" (the Original "Nvidia Shield") (Android v4.4.3) and Right: Nvidia Shield (LTE) Tablet w/ Nvidia Shield Controller v2.0 (Android v7.0) - By Zilem.

Keen 4 on RaspiBoy - By Roni Laukkarinen.

Version 1.8.1 Release

Keen 4 with the latest HQP (v2.6) enabled on the world map.

Keen 4 with the latest HQP (v2.6) enabled.

Version 1.6.1 Release

Two Player in Keen 6 and Ninja difficulty: Here second player helps the first to get to higher places.

Talking about difficulty, now there are six. Don't worry, the original ones remain unchanged. The other ones make the game more challenging. So be prepared!

Keen 9 runs, but some enemies have flaws. We are working on it.

Elite difficulty. More enemies, different colors and stronger. The second player decided to hide in the tree and now reads a book. Do you see him? :)

Multiplayer madness part 1! All the four players in Keen 1 are seen here. Waiting for you to do something...

Multiplayer madness part 2! All the four players in Keen 4 are seen here. Also waiting and getting bored...

Another mod to play...

Even more mods are compatible...

Version 1.2.0 Beta

Keen 15: Another Keen 5 Mod

Version 0.4.0 Beta 4

Keen 5: In game the first Level

Keen 5: Splash Screen

Keen 5: World Map

Version 0.4.0 Alpha

Keen 3: In Two-Player Mode! He the second player uses the sprites of Marta. Also the camera lead can be switched. The leader is indicated by the number left to the score row in the HUD-Box. (Small Upperleft Status Box)

Version 0.4.0 Pre-alpha

Keen 4: Hi Elder!

Keen 4: Thank you for rescuing!

Keen 4: Pyramides fully working!

Keen 4: Even the switches trigger what they are meant to trigger

Keen 4: Keen can stand on moving objects in Keen 4. Seems simple, but it's very difficult to program

Keen 1: New Mouse Driven Menus

Keen 1: Controls menu has been split like in Keen Galaxy. Better for the mapping as there is a lot you can map now.

Game Launcher: Not quite like the mockup but already very polished

Keen 4: Those menus also work now with the mouse

Keen 1: New video Engine. It is much faster and you can now stretch the window to any size. Also the resolution handling is much better

Keen 1: No more TGA files. The routine has been removed. Most of the graphics are now embedded. The rising points got a new design and are natively drawn. This will be interesting for mods which have other points.

Keen 1: Message can also be closed by the mouse. Nothing special, but the framework does it for you.