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Commander Keen on modern systems with more features

Enjoy the old but good games with better graphics, sound and controls.

Commander Keen 1-6

We have Commander Keen 1-6 fully working on CG. Try it out today!

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Video by Gerstrong - Keen 4 in Super VGA

Video by Gerstrong - Commander Genius Version 1.0 Promo

Video by Zear - Commander Genius Version on Dingoo coming out soon!

Video by Gerstrong - Let's play Commander Keen 1 with CG Version I played it from a saved game to the end. Just to show what it feels like...

Video by Gerstrong - Version This is what you get downloading that latest version and more of course.

Video by Gerstrong - Version Preview on the latest Build (July 19th 2010). Check out the walking and swimming animation of Keen!

Video by Gerstrong - Version Preview on the latest Build (July 3rd 2010). Check out the Keen Galaxy map animations and Vorticon HUD.

Video by Gerstrong - Version 0.3.1. Preview on the latest CG SVN. More features are to come!